Moving Storage

Moving Storage

Although Sea Island Bonded Storage doesn’t offer mini storage we do offer affordable and experienced warehousing and distribution services. This page is intended to offer you some helpful tips regarding storage of items while moving. Instead of throwing your belongings out whenever you move to a smaller residence or office, you can instead use storage units if you’d still like to hang on to those belongings. Sea Island Bonded Storage understands that sometimes you don’t have enough time to decide whether or not you’d like to get rid of your items while moving, and a storage company can keep your items safe and secure while you’re making up your mind. Put your items in moving storage while you decide whether or not to sell them or keep them.

Extra Storage While You Move

Sometimes you have to move from a bigger house to a smaller house and you’re unable to bring all of your belongings with you. Or maybe you’d like to find a safe place to keep your items while you get settled. Look for storage units offering such features like:

  • Climate control for sensitive items and artwork
  • Fire prevention and security technology
  • 24-hour safe access

Moving storage is also a great option if you’re making a local or long-distance move and you aren’t yet ready to receive all of your items.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

  • You never know when a storage unit will experience a leak, so it’s best if you keep all of your items on pallets while they’re inside storage units.
  • It’s also a good idea to keep your items wrapped while they’re in storage so they don’t collect dust or become a home for bugs.
  • You might also want to label all of the boxes that you put in storage so you’ll know exactly what’s inside of them when you come back for them six months later.
  • Stay on good terms with the storage company by protecting the walls with plastic wrap in order to keep from accidentally scarring the unit itself.

Get in touch with us today if you’re in need of a licensed and affordable warehousing and distribution company in the Greater Savannah area. Call Sea Island Bonded Storage at 912-927-0035 or contact us online.

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